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What's the minimum time to work with a tutor?
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15 minutes in the minimum for virtual tutoring sessions.

25 minutes is the minimum for in-person tutoring sessions.

55 minutes is the minimum for in home tutoring sessions.

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Can I work with the same tutor again?

Yes, you can work with the same tutor.  You will need to be sure that you choose the tutor you would like when you book.  If you would like to have the same tutor weekly, please call Keri Rhinehart at 706-531-6115.

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How do I get a tutor?

Click on the button Tutoring at the top of the page.  You will have the option to book in-person or virtual. 

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Can I review my previous sessions?

For virtual tutoring, you will have the ability to watch the recorded session.

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What can I get help with?

All math topics K-12, & most college math courses.  

Subjects include but are not limited to:

Elementary Math                     Pre-Algebra            Algebra 1 & 2 

Trigonometry Geometry        Pre-Calculus           Geometry

Probability & Statistic            Calculus         

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How do I pay?

Payments must be made by clicking the bag at the top right and completing credit card payment.  Payment is due to secure appointment.

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