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A thorough yet easy to understand book on Algebra 1.  A brief but complete description on each topic, followed by step-by-step examples and practice problems.  Quizzes and Tests are included as well.  This is the perfect tool for homeschooling, as it includes standards and approximate time lengths for each unit.  Units:1.  Real Numbers & Introduction to Algebra2. Solving Linear Equations & Inequalities3. Graphing Linear Equations & Inequalities4. Systems of Equations5. Exponents & Radicals6. Factoring & Rational Expressions7. Complex Numbers & Quadratics8. Sequences, Exponential Growth & Decay & Data Analysis.Includes Formula Reference Page, Calculator Guides and Solutions to all practice, quizzes and tests.  Step by step solutions are available for download from website: Free videos are available on the website as well.

Algebra 1 Book PDF

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